Al Schmidt



Al Schmidt has worked in residential construction as a carpenter, framer, cabinetmaker, builder, and consultant. For the past twenty years, Al has focused on independent consulting for private industry, utilities, and various levels of government, including a decade with A&J Energy Consultants.

Al specializes in achieving cost-neutral code compliance through ENERGY STAR® and other value-added performance paths by using smart building practices to reduce construction costs and waste, streamline the building process, and reduce service calls. He is a senior consultant for the Optimum Home Program, a market transformation program sponsored by Union Gas that promotes High Performance Housing to Ontario builders. He has also worked as a trainer with EnerQuality Corp for ENERGY STAR for New Homes, R-2000, GreenHouse™ Certified Construction, and LEED Canada for Homes, as well as working as a Lead Building Canada consultant and facilitator for the LEEP / TAP programs.

Within A&J, Al works as a managing partner and oversees company operations, as well as sharing business development responsibilities with Jack.