How to Manage Construction Quality in a HOT Housing Market

Managing construction quality in the midst of a busy sales market can become a challenge.

Our webinar provide key tips in maintaining construction quality, managing time & ultimately in meeting customer satisfaction. 

Join us for our NEED TO KNOW ROAD SHOW Wednesday, April 28th 10am EST.

It’s critical to protect your profits AND your reputation. 

Future-proof your business TODAY with this FREE informative webinar from Al Schmidt (A & J Energy Consultants) & Tim Bailey (Avid Ratings) for some insights on how to ensure quality in high-volume production, and customer experience challenges that emerge from rapid growth:

Topics to be covered

  • A hot market & high sales volumes can quickly become the enemy for delivering quality homes
  • A review of customer satisfaction indicators, what they are looking for & variations dependent on audience demographics.
  • Planning for what’s coming. Now is the time to ensure you have the people, products and processes ready for scaling production

Avid Ratings will discuss:

  • Highlight customer satisfaction trends in homebuilding
  • Discuss how market conditions influence customer expectations
  • Review the impacts of PDI performance on customer satisfaction
  • Present ways to “market proof” your company
    • Your “brand funnel” is as important as your “land funnel”

A & J Energy Consultants will discuss:

  • Review the challenges that production builders face in providing consistent product as volumes scale in a COVID world
  • Discuss time-proven solutions:
    • Having control of your money through scopes of work
    • Delivering a superior product through trades training
    • The importance of a QA/QC program with metrics
    • Creating efficiencies

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