Post Occupancy Support

Our support doesn’t end once the homeowner moves in. We assist our builders to address and resolve a wide range of homeowner complaints, particularly those around comfort, air leakage and moisture-related issues.

Homeowner meeting:

Many homeowner concerns can result from miscommunication, unrealistic expectations, disinformation from the internet, and occupant behaviour. As a third party we help builders to manage homeowner expectations, and assist the homeowner to understand the operation of their new home and how their behaviour affects their living environment.


If there are legitimate issues related to the building envelope, we have a number of ways to assist with cause and repair solutions. Some techniques include:

  • Performing a blower-door test to see if the air barrier has been compromised
  • Use Thermographic images to assess the building envelope performance
  • Examine any “handyman” repairs or improvements that affect the building envelope

The builder will receive a CONFIDENTIAL report with our findings and recommendations. A builder representative is always present when entering a purchaser’s home.

Serving Southern Ontario