Are you up to date on the Harmonization process and how it will impact the Ontario Building Code?

Watch the webinar that discusses the second phase of consultation that has just occurred.

Learn about how major changes to SB-12 will affect builders in Ontario!

Discussion Topics:

  • Harmonization process and it’s impact on Ontario Building Code
  • Second Phase Consultation
  • How major changes to SB-12 will affect builders in Ontario

Miyoko Oikawa

Miyoko Oikawa is an industry collaborator who is passionate about assisting the construction industry to move to higher performance standards. Previously, in her role at Ontario Home Builders’ Association, she oversaw technical files related to Provincial and National Code. Miyoko was responsible for the Technical Committee, which engaged builder members and industry partners in knowledge sharing and capacity building activities. Today, she continues to advocate for builder education and advanced performance through her work with Doug Tarry Limited as Manager of Research and Innovation.

David Potter

David Potter is a member of the Ontario Building Officials Association. He currently delivers training to industry practitioners and students pertaining to all areas of the building code. David also works with the Municipal Chief Building Officials in reviewing proposed changes to the building code, utilizing his previous experience as Chief Building Official for the town of Newmarket and city of Richmond Hill. David is active in the development and application of SB-12, and the EEDS form for SB-12. David has also informed on numerous councils and advisories in terms of code, energy efficiency and water conservation.

Paul De Berardis

The director of building science and innovation comes to RESCON with a diverse background in civil engineering, with experience in the design, construction and restoration of various building types. As a technically minded thinker, Paul spearheads innovative construction techniques and building science research to help guide the way homes and condos are built in the GTHA.