Jerry Li

Energy Analysis Team Lead


Jerry Li stands at the forefront of energy modelling innovation as the Team Lead. Since 2019, he has been instrumental in transforming energy modelling processes, introducing over four years of cutting-edge industry expertise. Jerry’s role has been crucial in pioneering automation within the company, notably advancing the automation of tasks and the streamlining of HOT2000 file creation. His unique blend of skills goes beyond conventional expectations, marrying computer programming prowess with a deep grasp of building science.

Certified as an ERS Energy Advisor for low-rise buildings, Jerry’s zeal for integrating technology and coding with building science is unmistakable. He’s driven by a vision to simplify complex processes—from building take-offs to HOT2000 file generation—making paperwork submission more efficient. Committed to excellence, Jerry provides invaluable guidance through the maze of building codes and diverse program requirements.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Albert Einstein