Mike Whelpley

Business Development, HVAC/R Technician, RHDT, CEE


Mike’s extensive 35-year journey in the HVAC and building industry has established him as a cornerstone of our team. His comprehensive experience spans technical and sales support, project management, and energy service provision across Ontario. Mike’s expertise in the selection, integration, and modelling of mechanical systems has been instrumental in both new constructions and the renovation of existing structures.

His insight is invaluable in creating cohesive building designs that consider all aspects from electrical and mechanical systems to building envelopes and energy efficiency. Recognized as a subject matter expert, Mike has contributed to numerous integrated design programs, served on technical committees, and fostered relationships with government bodies and utility providers. He is driven by a passion for knowledge-sharing, often engaging in educational endeavors to empower industry professionals.

At AJEC, Mike is pivotal in providing technical assistance for mechanical equipment selection and troubleshooting. He also collaborates closely with Jack in steering our business development efforts, ensuring our continued growth and innovation in the field.

“I have been called a wealth of useless information”