Building airtight homes is the best investment you can make for an energy efficient, durable, comfortable, healthy and service-free home.

In this interactive webinar, John and Trevor will reveal how their teams achieve such remarkable airtightness scores and how you can improve the airtightness of your next build.

Discussion topics include:

· Why do they do it?

· How do they do it?

· What are the associated costs to achieve these results?

· What’s the ROI?

“Need to Know” Road Show

“How Do They Do It?”

John Meinen

With 40 years of industry experience, John Meinen has served four terms as President of Stratford and Area Builders’ Association. John has served on the Ontario Home Builders’ Executive Committee from 2011 to 2017 and assumed presidency in the 2015-2016 term. He then went on to serve on the Canadian Home Builders’ Associations’ National Executive Board of Directors and from there, went on to assume presidency of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association for the 2020-2021 term.

John is President of Pinnacle Quality Homes and also Meinen Custom Homes building in Stratford and surrounding areas. Pinnacle Quality Homes is also a land development company and a builder of custom built and multi-unit residential homes. Pinnacle Quality Homes also has experience in the commercial building sector.

Pinnacle Quality Homes and Meinen Custom Homes have
both been recognized for numerous awards since the
inception of the companies.

Trevor Mailloux

Through his father, Trevor Mailloux entered the construction industry at a young age. He helped run his father’s company through the 90’s – always doing quality work. 

1999 was the birth of TMC Construction where Trevor took things to new heights with EnergyStar and ICF builds whose ACH scores were always under 1.00 ACH, with a record of 0.23 ACH.

In 2017, he and 3 partners started Maple City Homes Ltd. to build much needed production homes for Chatham-Kent. All of Maple City Homes’ builds in Chatham-Kent currently test under 1.50 ACH, with a record of 0.63 ACH.

Maple City Homes takes great pride in the homes they build for their clients. They are taking responsibility for their part in the environment to build more energy efficient homes with less impact.

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